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PENTAX Contributes $25,000 in Medical Imaging Equipment to New Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

February 06, 2012

TORONTO, ON-PENTAX Canada, Medical Division, a health care industry leader, proudly announces that it has donated a high-quality endoscopy suite to the Centre Médicale Évangélique in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo. The equipment, valued at $25,000, comprises four different scopes, a video processor and a display monitor, along with accessories and spare parts.

General surgeon Dr. James Campbell of Soldiers' Memorial Hospital in Orillia, Ontario, who led the initiative, reached out to PENTAX last October and asked the company to contribute any way it could. PENTAX responded with some discontinued equipment in good condition that would still prove invaluable. A team from Soldiers' Memorial coordinated the shipping and clearance overseas, and trained the hospital staff how to use the scopes.

As Dr. Campbell reported on January 28, "The shipment was hauled from Uganda into DR Congo by single-engine prop plane." He went on to say, "Your team has done a superb job with documentation and inclusion of parts. Please thank everyone involved."

Once the equipment arrived, says Dr. Campbell, "One old fellow I saw in surgical clinic hoped his emergency colostomy might one day be reconstructed; he needed a colonoscopy. An emaciated patient having trouble swallowing was admitted and needed gastroscopy. Another man who may have had a bladder stone needed cystoscopy." These individual cases illustrate how PENTAX's imaging equipment made an immediate difference, and how it helps medical professionals worldwide deliver the best health care available, one patient at a time.

Bunia, the capital of Ituri province in the northeastern DRC, has a population of around 350,000 and lies 40 kilometres from the border with Uganda. The city and much of its social infrastructure of clinics, schools and hospitals were devastated in the Second Congo War, which raged from 1998 to 2003. Many civilians died from the fighting, malnutrition, and largely preventable disease. Hundreds of thousands more from Bunia and the surrounding area were displaced by the war and civil unrest, and similar numbers of refugees have streamed across the border from Rwanda; the largest United Nations peacekeeping force in Africa is headquartered in the city. Centre Médicale Évangélique was built over the past four years, and while it is the region's busiest hospital and teaching constitutes a significant part of its work, it only manages to provide a basic level of care.

PENTAX imaging technology enables physicians to visualize and detect abnormalities and carry out therapeutic procedures. Thanks to PENTAX's community support and willingness to dedicate resources to this initiative, Centre Médicale Évangélique will elevate its standard of health care and help the region's people to recover and rebuild. PENTAX considers itself more than just a medical device supplier: as a leading-edge organization, it focuses on developing partnerships with physicians and providing the best possible care to patients in need.

"We feel privileged to support this project, and seeing the OR physicians' gratitude in photos was a humbling experience. Improving health care in developing communities helps PENTAX to fulfill its mission of professional partnership."

-Nancy Carrier, Manager of Customer Relations and Education

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