High Definition+ (HD+)


See more than you ever have before.

Optimal patient care begins with the most advanced and comprehensive tools possible. In a specialty where discovering potentially problematic tissue early is crucial, PENTAX ensures that physicians are equipped with incredible visualization tools.


Crossing the one million pixel barrier.

PENTAX HD+ offers physicians breakthrough picture quality. With 1,250,000 pixels of detection power, HD+ users would enjoy the highest resolution in the flexible endoscopy industry. As a result, physicians may experience significant improvement in the visibility and evaluation of minute lesions when compared to standard definition endoscopy.

Double the lines of resolution.

The PENTAX HD+ CCD chip provides progressive scan image processing. Progressive scan effectively doubles the number of horizontal lines of resolution that are simultaneously displayed on the screen.


PENTAX i-scan Digital Colour Filters.

The incredible PENTAX HD+ image can be enhanced with the innovative PENTAX i-scan Digital Colour Filters. 

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